200 Hour Teacher Training

There are a vast number of reasons why anyone takes the journey of a yoga teacher training program. Maybe you want to learn more about yoga and more about yourself. Maybe you want to start teaching yoga! Maybe you want to deepen your practice. Maybe you do not know why you are drawn to it, but you cannot shake the idea of participating in the training. For whatever reason, a basic 200-hour teacher training is a great way to flood your mind with stimulating thought and your body with healthy life practices.


This is an inward exploration. Our intention is to equip you with an in-depth study into various lineages of yoga, the anatomy and physiology of yoga and the body, yoga philosophy, class sequencing and methodology, and overall teaching and adjusting techniques. However, a good teacher comes from experience, so the sooner you can begin the process the better!


This 200-hour training will teach you about yoga and about yourself, will deepen your self-practice, and so much more. It will give you knowledge of yoga, confidence as a teacher, and a path to your voice. This training is a big commitment: physically, mentally, energetically and financially. We understand this, and want you to too. If you are pregnant, injured, or limited in anyway you are always welcome to modify in the practice and do what you need to do for your body and health throughout the training. Please know and respect your body.


This training is an opportunity to learn and we expect you to: listen to yourself, listen to your body, risk failure, doubt your doubts, embrace your mistakes and learn from them, try new things, build confidence, learn from and encourage others, deepen your awareness and practice, establish a degree of mental clarity, show up eager to learn, and ask for help. We are here to support you!


2014 E 2nd St. Montgomery, AL 36106

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