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Tai Chi at Breezeville

Every Saturday 10am- Noon

Breezeville Yoga has opened its doors to RANDOMTAICHI.ORG on Saturday mornings from 10am-Noon.   Join us in the Breezeville Yoga studio each week to learn the ancient practice of Tai Chi for pain management, flexibility and mobility.  Sometimes referred to as "moving meditation", Tai Chi is a fluid dance through a series of motions that bring many healthy benefits to your mind and body.  Feel your body as it flows with grace in this low-impact exercise focused on slow movements and breath.  

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There is no commitment required if you want to try the class. Each class is only $10 to try.  If you fall in love with it,  you can support the group with a monthly membership of just $40.  

This class is guided by Ruth DeRamus of RANDOMTAICHI.ORG and all class fees will be made payable to their website, or in-person the day of class.  Breezeville students are encouraged to attend but please note that this class is not covered by any of our class plans or membership plans.    

Come on out and support our Montgomery Tai Chi community!  Click here to sign up now!


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