May 2021 Newsletter

May 2021 BY&Co. Newsletter Vol.3 Edition 1-5

🔆 Beginning May 8th there will be new classes available on Saturday’s: 11-12 am,12:30-1:30 pm, and 2-3 pm. There will also be a 9-10 am Sunday morning class. The cost is only $5! Please note, however, you must bring cash. These classes will be led by our latest group of teacher trainees who have been working hard, sharpening their skills, and building their Yoga knowledge. Through the “Yoga & Love” nonprofit organization, they will be volunteering their time and teaching in places that normally don’t have access to Yoga. PLEASE tell a friend! Also, please do not forget to bring cash. We’d appreciate your anonymous feedback after participating in a $5 teacher training class. Forms will be available in the lobby. 🔆 For the advanced Yogis, on Wednesday, we are adding a Mysore class to the schedule from 3:30-530 pm. The Mysore will be all verbal communications with no hands-on adjustments. Initially, the studio will be room temperature and will begin to warm up at approximately 4 pm in preparation for the Yin class that begins at 5:30 pm. Do consider a “double up challenge” when your schedule permits! You deserve it! 🔆 Additional alterations to the schedule include elimination of the Tuesday 8:30 am virtual class. We are open to suggestions. Should you have any ideas, please share them with us. As people become more comfortable coming to the studio, we will be adding more classes. 🏅 We are excited to start a "Newbi (new patrons to Breezeville Yoga) & Newly returned Yogi (students away from the studio for one year or more) Contest"! Beginning now, in May 2021, & on a monthly basis, each time a new or newly returned student attends a class during the calendar month, their name will be entered in a monthly drawing to receive a free unlimited monthly pass for the following month; for example, 8 visits between May 1st - 31st equals 8 contest entries. For the sake of simplicity & fairness, there will be no exceptions. From our amazing and appreciated loyal yoga family, we kindly request your aide: PLEASE share this opportunity with your friends and family as we navigate through these different times rebuilding our attendance. And, never forget, the first class is always free to New students in our studio. In appreciation, when your referral purchases a class pass, your kindness will be rewarded with a free weekend of attendance in the newly added teacher training classes on Saturday and Sunday led by students in our recent 200 hour yoga teacher training. Please see the weekly schedule for details. Your anonymous input on a student evaluation form is not required, but appreciated as we guide our students to become the best they can be. In the front lobby new and newly returned (after a years absence) students will find a place to put their entries for each class they attend.

😷Below is an excerpt from a publication in the National Center for Biotechnology Information / U.S. National Library of Medicine with a link to the publication in it's entirety: "Thus, apart from maintaining the new norms of social distancing, frequent handwashing, and isolation of infected persons and their contacts, we should build immunity both in the body and in minds of people. We have seen that there is some degree of evidence presently to say that yoga practices could provide much needed body immunity and could assure a disease-free homeostatic state for the body." ://


Postures & alignment aren't the only things cued by Breeze. Here is some of his eloquent cueing on studio etiquette: 1. And as we arrive on time at the studio, allowing for a smooth transition from hard drive overload to the offload position, maybe we begin to feel a slight relaxation of the mind and body. The more time we have to prepare for that offload, the easier that offload becomes. 2. Checking the shoes, making sure they aren't drifting to the inside. Ground all 4 corners of those shoes in the lobby. We get way too close to the floor with our faces in here man 3. Another thing we don't want drifting to the inside, ego, lets go ahead and just leave it in the lobby, OR better yet, to the outside of the lobby. Maybe even leaving it in your car. We have choices and choices are good. 4. Tell any of us who's guiding a class you're in about any injuries you got going on. Man, we're here to help YOU. That's what it's all about. It helps us keep you safe and help you get the most out of your practice. Remember this is YOUR practice. 5. Cell phones, man I know we all have'em connected to our hands or sides. Here's mine right here & only reason it's here is I have to be on top of all this mind body app stuff. You all come here to disconnect for a hour, sometimes hour and a half and letting go of that phone for just that little bit of time in your day, man it helps so much with the focus. Let those cell phones have the same choices as the ego. Y'all know, we can't slide on this one but it really is for y'all man. 6. Bringing awareness to the space around you, if you have it, making room for those who may come in late and are looking for a space. We try man, but hitting that #1(arriving on time) 100%, it just don't happen for any of us. You don't want to set up right on somebody either, try to give'em the space they need and you need too. Make sure you all have the space you need to rock it out man. 7. I really don't like to see this, a person stepping on a mat that's somebody else's. That ain't cool at all! 8. I had to look this one up cause I know I'm bad about it myself. Keeping the studio a quiet, meditative space before class starts (and after everyone's out of shavasana). I love to talk myself but like I've said, for some people that little bit of quiet time before class, may be the only time all day they've had to just sit & clear their heads and really, we should be doing the same, preparing ourselves. Man let's all do what we can to get the most out of these classes. 9. I try not to come off my mat up here cause I know I make a lot of noise moving around the studio but some of y'all when you gotta leave early, I can barely hear you slip out. Rock on!

10. Man everybody's pretty good picking up, you know like the blocks and all that, not leaving the studio a mess, hey y'all thank you for that! But it's just one of those things that's good to remind ourselves of every now & then. Oh yeah, we got spray bottles with Tea Tree oil, to clean your mat & all. It cleans real good & all natural. They all over, just look around & you'll find one somewhere.


At Breezeville this ain't just my studio, it's OUR studio, and you know we gotta be respectful of everybody to keep it zen for ALL of the cherished Breezeville family. We got this man, rock on!


I want to thank everyone of you for your support, as does Sheri. We appreciate our Yogis and want to thank you all for allowing us to help you continue your practice during these different times. We have a lot of great ideas and it’s up to you to help us make them become reality. We absolutely love to teach and are passionate to share what we love with our yoga family! We are blessed to be a part of your lives and to guide and nurture your Yoga practices! Namaste Yogis!

Our mailing address is:

Breezeville Yoga

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